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Subject: NOTES: dita.xml.org Meeting (07-08)

Informal Notes: 07-08 Concall with Don Day,
JoAnn Hackos, and Stan Doherty re: dita.xml.org
1. Don reported that Mark Poston (Mekon) would need
   another 6-7 weeks to complete the infrastructure
   to support what we need to manage dita.xml.org.

2. Prior to the production repository being ready,
   we could exchange test files with Mark via a DropBox
   > Details TBD.

3. Existing dita.xml.org content: The Adoption TC 
   audited the existing content on dita.xml.org
   and identified a small number of items worth

4. New material ready to move to dita.xml.org: Between
   whitepapers and other reports, we figured that there
   were numerous candidates for inclusion.
   > Details TBD.

5. JoAnn suggested that approaching the new content from
   a Gerry McGovern, top-tasks perspective might simplify
   our planning and execution.

6. Approval process: Need to formalize a short-term and 
   long-term process.

7. Site-wide metadata: Don noted that the new site will be
   responsive to metadata that we develop. We need to use 
   a wiki page (or something) to start to build a 
   subjectScheme map to drive site categories. 

8. Schedule:
   - July to mid-August: Identify some existing material
     that could be sent to Mark as test material.
   - July to mid-August: Develop some site-wide metadata 
     for Mark to test.
   - Queue up a library of existing content to move into 
     the production site when it is ready. 

9. Tools:
   - Stan to review/test any2dita (http://any2dita.com/) and 
     expeDITA (http://expedita-cct.com/dcc/). Train
     the trainer. 
   - Any2DITA provides a path for content developers who 
     are NOT DITAheads to contribute content authored in 
     lightweight formats:
     > HTML
     > wiki
     > Markdown
     > Rich text 
   - Engage DITA tools vendors to support collaborative 
     tool sets.

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