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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: Action Items: 08-31 Adoption/TechComm Meeting

  Combined Adoption TC / TechComm SC Meeting
Attendees: Jenn, Joe, JoAnn, Stan, Bob, Dave, Chris Goolsby, Keith, and Don

In general order of discussion . . . 

1. DITA 1.3 A-Z whitepaper (Keith)
   - AI/Keith: Contact TC reviewers as needed to clarify 
     edits or collaborate on revisions.
   - AI/Keith: Forward the updated whitepaper to ATC
     when you are happy with it.

2. Scoped Keys Whitepaper (Leigh White)
   - AI/Stan: Ping her
3. DITA 1.3 Learning and Training Whitepaper
   - AI/Stan: Set up an offline meeting to discuss
              status. +JoAnn +Invite to active ATC

4. DITA 1.3 Help Whitepaper (Chris)
   - AI/Chris: Ping the ATC when a draft is ready 
     for first review. 

5. Branch Filtering whitepaper (Bob)
   - AI/Bob volunteered to start working on it.
   - NOTE: Subsequent to the ATC meeting, Bob
     proposed doing a whitepaper on filtering
     before doing one on brach filtering.

6. XML Mention whitepaper (Israel)
   - AI/Stan: Ping Israel

7. Cascading Attributes whitepaper (TBD)
   - AI/Stan: Add to the list of proposed whitepapers

8. DITA SWOT "Strengths"
   - AI/JoAnn and Stan: Divvy up the list and start 
     writing paragraph-length descriptions. Integrate
     comments form ATC/TC reviewers.

9. DITA SWOT "Weaknesses"
   - AI/Stan: Distribute the "Weaknesses" list to both
     the TC and ATC for (ideally) paragrah write-ups
     and comments. Stan should "model" a paragraph
     write-up and continue to incorporate a link to 
     the SWOT wiki page. End of review - Sunday 09-13. 

10. dita.xml.org
    - AI/Keith+Don+Mark: Draft a subcommittee charter
      statement for review at an upcoming ATC meeting.
    - AI/Bob+Keith: Audit the non-KB contents on the

Items for the 09-14 ATC meeting agenda:
1. Calendar: Release Management webinar (JoAnn and Bob)
2. Release Management Excel plug-in demo (Dave)
3. dita.xml.org submission and review policies - list them 
   when they are ready and solicit participation from
   people outside the ATC.
4. Calendar:  DITA Europe presentation on dita.xml.org 
   and how the community can get involved (JoAnn and Mark)
   - subsequent webinar follow-on
5. Calendar: Lightweight DITA webinar with SDL (Don)

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