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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: Action Items: 09-14-2015 Adoption/TechComm Meeting

  Combined Adoption TC / TechComm SC Meeting
Attendees: Jenn, Joe, JoAnn, Stan, Bob, Keith, and Don
Regrets: Dave

In general order of discussion . . . 

AI/Bob: Post the Scoped Keys Whitepaper PDF to the public site

AI/Keith and Don: Touch base with Mark Poston (or Julian)
   at IDW about posting status and options.

AI/Mark Meyers and Jennifer Gemmell: Develop an outline for the
   new L&T whitepaper. 

AI/Don: Distribute a link to Dave Schell's presentation on the
        history/background to DITA.
        > http://xml.coverpages.org/DITA-Openhouse2004Intro.ppt ??

AI/All: Revisit Bob Doyle's "History of DITA" article.

AI/Stan: Respond to Kris Eberlein's email about the organization
         of SWOT "weaknesses" information.

AI/Don and JoAnn: Continue to discussion about using for the new
   dita.xml.org a combination of a static, primary organization
   and subjectScheme-driven search/facet navigation.

AI/Keith and Mark and Don: Draft a charter for the dita.xml.org
   focus are subcommittee.

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