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Subject: XLIFF, workflows and comments

Hi All,

Here are some links to XLIFF-related material.

What Is XLIFF and Why Should I Use It?
by Peter Reynolds and Tony Jewtushenko

The key picture in this article is this:

Internationalization: Implementing the XLIFF Standard
by Jon Allen - PowerPoint presentation

This presentation describes a workflow based on ANT and XSL stylesheets for converting XML documents to XLIFF.

An Introduction to XLIFF
by Tony Jewtushenko - PowerPoint presentation

This presentation focus on the importance of XLIFF mostly, but has a section called "The real World", starting on slide 54 with details on workflows based on XLIFF.

Andrzej's presentation includes details on how to embed xml:tm namespace into DITA documents and how to use the extra data in the translation process. If you remove all process steps that involve xml:tm from the presentation you get a simpler picture similar to the one above.

As I said, it is not necessary to use xml:tm in the translation process if the workflow includes a good TM engine somewhere. There are advantages on using xml:tm, but end users should balance the pros and cons, not the DITA TC.

Andrzj is also right when he says that a CMS is useful for handling DITA documents, if not essential in large projects. However, using xml:tm may require a CMS as complement. From recent threads on the dita-user mailing list at Yahoo! I have the feeling that most users don't work with a CMS. This is something that should be seriously considered.

Best regards,
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