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Subject: Re: Example of potential problems with inline conrefs

Hi Charles,

Thank you for your feedback. In fact you do get inflection because the 
term is actually 'Ford Focus' as in:

Bogate wyposażenie Forda Focus Sport w pełni podkreśla jego gorący 

or the menu item:

Odkryj Nowego Forda Focus

The translator has inflected the 'Ford' rather than the 'Focus', by 
relegating 'Focus' to an adjectival role. A lot of the time the 
translator has also had to work around the issue by constructing 
sentences in a manner that would render them grammatically correct.

There is one instance on the web site where the 'Ford' has been dropped 
resulting in an inflection of 'Focus' as in:

Odkryj Focusa C-Max

On the Czech site you find a similar situation:

Verze Sport je lehce sportovně laděnou verzí Fordu Focus.

Or the menu item:

Prezentace Focusu ST

Where Focus has been inflected.

Trust me - this can be a real issue.

Best Regards,


charles_pau@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Andrzej,
> This is not necessarily a good example because in some cases a company 
> may decice NOT to inflect a brand name in order to maintain branding 
> consistency.
> I do not read Polish, but it seems that Ford has decided not to inflect 
> Focus on its own Polish website http://www.ford.com.pl/.
> Regards,
> Charles Pau
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> 06/19/2006 11:35 AM
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> Subject
> 	Example of potential problems with inline conrefs
> Hi Everyone,
> Here is an example of the potential problem with infection on product or
> brand names:
> The original English sentence:
> Driving the new Focus is a very impressive experience.
> The correct Polish translation:
> Jazda nowym Focusem jest niesamowitym przeżyciem.
> In the translation Polish requires the instrumental form of 'Focus'. If
> Focus is not inflected you are left with a very jarring and
> ungrammatical sentence.
> Best Regards,
> AZ
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