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Subject: RE: [dita-translation] DITA Translation Subcommittee Agenda for Monday 10 July 2006

I'd like to move discussion of the legacy TM best practice to next week,
since I'm still updating the draft from input from Kevin and Rodolfo. 

Best Regards,

Gershon L Joseph
Member, OASIS DITA and DocBook Technical Committees
Director of Technology and Single Sourcing
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.

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Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 1:15 AM
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Subject: FW: [dita-translation] DITA Translation Subcommittee Agenda for
Monday 10 July 2006

Agenda for Monday 10 July 2006

11:00 am - 12:00 am Eastern Standard Team DITA Technical Committee
teleconference USA Toll Free Number: 866-566-4838 USA Toll Number:
PASSCODE: 185771

Sorry to have missed the last meeting. We found to our surprise that we had
no cell phone access or Internet access in the south of Ireland.
... JoAnn

Roll Call

Accept  Minutes from 26 June 2006 (enclosed for those who are not TC

Attached for non-members.

3) Review open action items

    ACTION -- Don to inform us where to publish our best practices.
        In progress.
    ACTION  -- Rodolfo to prepare an outline for this best practice document

    for translating DITA and submit to list for discussion at a future
    At that meeting, SC should agree on the outline.

4) Returning business:

4.1 Discuss Gershon Joseph's next draft of the best practice for legacy TM

4.2 X-LIFF transforms continued discussion.
     Discuss Rodolfo's draft outline for an XLIFF best practice document

    for translating DITA if it is ready to discuss.

4.3 Discuss JoAnn's draft Best Practices for Indexing. Want to clarify this
document. It will be incorporated into the full Best Practice statement that
JoAnn and Andrzej are authoring.
5.  New Business:

5.1 Handling multi-language documents

    Charles Pau and others to provide examples to the list for discussion

    Don requests to move this item to the agenda of the next meeting.

5.2 Andrjez provided examples of the need to change reusable building block 
    to the group for discussion. 

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD
Comtech Services, Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80215
joannhackos Skype

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