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Subject: DITA Translation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes: 24 July 2006

Best Regards,

Gershon L Joseph
Member, OASIS DITA and DocBook Technical Committees
Director of Technology and Single Sourcing
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.
office: +972-8-974-1569
mobile: +972-57-314-1170
DITA Translation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes: 24 July 2006

(Recorded by Gershon Joseph <gershon@tech-tav.com>)

The DITA Translation Subcommittee met on Monday, 24 July 2006 at 08:00am PT
for 60 minutes.

1.  Roll call

        Robert Anderson
        Don Day
        Kevin Farwell
        Nancy Harrison
        Gershon Joseph
        Yves Savourel
        Andrzej Zydron

        JoAnn Hackos

    Special guests from DITA TC:
        France Baril
        Erik Hennum

2.  Accept the minutes[1] of the previous meeting.

    Accepted by acclamation. [Moved by Gershon, seconded by Andrzej.]

3.  Review open action items:

    ACTION  -- Rodolfo to prepare an outline for this best practice document 
    for translating DITA and submit to list for discussion at a future meeting. 
    At that meeting, SC should agree on the outline.


    --ACTION-- Everyone to read Rodolfo's XLIFF article[2] and
    provide feedback to Rodolfo this week via the mailing list.


    --ACTION -- Next draft of the best practice for legacy TM (Gershon Joseph)


    --ACTION-- Robert and JoAnn to work on wording of note to keyword element 
    noting that it is considered inline when inside topics, but as standalone 
    segments when inside <keywords> (in prolog).


    --ACTION-- Rodolfo and Andrzej to investigate how translation tools can 
    differentiate between these keyword elements as inline and standalone 


    --ACTION-- JoAnn to take to TC our concerns about both the start and end 
    index range markers holding the index term.


4.  Returning business:

4.1 Open discussion of indexing -- to include France Baril, Erik Hennum, 
    Chris Wong invited to join from the TC. 

    We will use this discussion to clarify the issues the SC has around 
    indexing and to ensure that we all understand how the indexing tags in the 
    prolog and inline are supposed to function from the point of view of 

    Erik: Index term is always a subflow. This is not so for keyword: within p 
    it is an inline, but in prolog it's definitely a subflow.

    In places where you don't want to insert the index entry at the start of the 
    containing block element, it should be inserted at the beginning of a sentence
    (in order to keep translation simpler).

    France: Sometimes in one language that has 3 index terms, the translated 
    content should have only 2 index terms. Can DITA accommodate this?
    Andrzej: This is a limitation of XML; one has to map the source document 
    elements 1:1 to the target document.
    This is not part of SC charter, but is good input to W3C ITS
    best practice documents and Yves/Andrzej will discuss it on ITS TC.

4.2 Review the revision of the draft Best Practices for Indexing.

    --ACTION-- Please send review comments to the list.

4.3 Discuss the paper on Rodolfo's web site to be used as a source for an XLIFF 
    best practice document.

    Deferred to future meeting.

5.  New Business: (still on hold)

5.1 Handling multi-language documents

    Charles Pau and others to provide examples to the list for discussion

    --ACTION-- Gershon to send all input to list

5.2 Andrzej provided examples of the need to change reusable building block to 
    the group for discussion. 

6.0 Announcements

    Andrzej: OSCAR/LISA moved XML-TM draft to public comment. Please review it.
    Andrzej to send links to list.

-- Meeting adjourned at 09:00am PT --

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita-translation/200607/msg00017.html
[2] http://www.heartsome.org/EN/xliff.html

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