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Subject: DITA Translation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes: 26 February 2007

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD
Comtech Services, Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80215
joannhackos Skype

DITA Translation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes: 26February 2007

(Recorded by JoAnn Hackos)

The DITA Translation Subcommittee met on Monday, 26February 2007 at 08:00am PT
for 60 minutes.

1)  Roll Call

        Nancy Harrison
        JoAnn Hackos
        Robert Anderson
        Rodolfo Raya
        Don Day
        Andrzej Zydron
        Nick Rosenthal


2)  Accept Minutes from 19 February 2007
    Accepted. [JoAnn moved, Nancy seconded, no objections]

3)  Review open action items

    3.1 ACTION: Gershon to investigate whether he can use a client's samples.

        CONTINUED. (client is awaiting legal OK)

    3.2 ACTION: Gershon and Don will present the approved best practices on
        indexing and Translation Memory as committee drafts for approval by the DITA
        Technical Committee.

        ON HOLD (until DITA TC closes 1.1 spec)

    3.3 ACTION: Everyone to review the document JoAnn posted on 13 November
        (subject: Document from Christian Lieske).


    3.4 ACTION: Don to raise glossary work item at the TC after the 1.1 draft to
        see if it needs its own subcommittee.

        ON HOLD (until DITA TC closes 1.1 spec)

    3.5	ACTION: JoAnn will revisit the charter and draft a revision.

    3.6 ACTION: Andrzej will draft a preliminary statement of the acronyms issues for the
	DITA 1.2 issues list.


4) Returning business:

    4.1 Review the new draft of the Multi-language Best Practice (Nancy Harrison)

        Nancy will send a new version with the corrections and the examples included. WE will
	vote next week.

    4.2 Report from Andrzej on the OAXAL proposal

       Andrzej will present this to the LISA OSCAR committee. The XML:TM and the GMXV standards
	were approved last week. 

    4.3 Review Christian Lieske's article on XML, DITA, and Translation requirements.
	Committee members believe that we have addressed all the requirements except for the
	Ruby attribute. We decided to table this attribute for now until there is clear
	evidence that it is needed by people authoring in Japanese in DITA. 

    4.4 Discussion of new issues to explore for the committee going forward.

        Andrzej proposed we develop a best practice for acronyms and recommendation for 
        DITA elements for marking up acronyms. Andrzej will prepare an initial statement for
	the TC to get the issue on the 1.2 issues list. ACTION

	Rodolfo is still interesting in drafting a best practice for using XLIFF to 
	translate DITA topics.

	Committee members discussed a possible best practice for indexing. Consideration of
	including the <sortorder> attribute in all index lists to enable translators to affect
	the sort order for languages that do not sort according to standard EN rules.

--Meeting adjourned at 9:00--

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