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Subject: Re: [dita-translation] Introduction of <surface-form> to the acronymproposal

Andrzej Zydron - XML-INTL <azydron@xml-intl.com> wrote on 15/08/2007 05:10:01 AM:

> Subsequent to the TC discussion yesterday I have updated the proposal
> accordingly:
> http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/TranslationSubcommittee/Acronyms
> The main point has been the addition of the <surface-form> element, and
> the modification of the relevant text. I have also copied Don's
> excellent  'Acronym and Translation' list into the proposal as it
> defines succinctly the issues involved. I hope we are now very close to
> full agreement on the acronym proposal.

The choice of elements to specialize from still needs work, I think.

The current proposal says:
<acronym>  ==> specialize from keyword
  <expanded/>  ==> specialize from keyword
  <short/>  ==> specialize from data
  <surface-form/>  ==> specialize from keyword

The justification of using <data> is that non-acronym-aware processors will ignore <data> and just copy the <keyword> element(s) verbatim (likewise the generalize-during-conref example that JoAnn forwarded today).  Now we have two keywords, <expanded> and <surface-form>.  Non-acronym-aware processors will probably produce output like "Anti-lock Braking SystemAnti-lock Braking System (ABS)", not what we want.

Speaking of using <data>: the content model of <data> is quite restrictive.  Are we certain that it's capable of representing all possible short forms?  I'm thinking of examples where short forms contain a mixture of upright and italics, or pathological use of typography (such as L<sup>A</sup>T<sub>E</sub>X for the typesetting tool).

Deborah Pickett
Information Architect, Moldflow Corporation, Melbourne

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