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Subject: Revisions to Acronym proposal


As we agreed at today's call, I had a follow-up meeting with Erik Hennum to
discuss the translation group's suggestions. As a result, there are now
several concrete suggestions as changes to the original proposal (
). I'll list the specifics below, and then send a more general note to the
main TC list.

1. The group suggested that expanded forms should come first. So, the
proposal can remove glossAcronym and glossAbbreviation as options for the
main 'title' of the glossary topic. Instead, the expanded term will be
located first, using the glossterm markup that is used for every glossary
entry. The glossAcronym or glossAbbreviation are listed after that as
alternate versions of the expanded term.

2. The glossFullForm (also called glossExpandedForm) element can be
removed, because the expanded form of the term is already encoded as the

3. When authors reference an acronym inline with the <abbreviated-form>
element, the rules will follow those defined by the translation
- The first instance in one context will pull text from the
- Future instances will pull from the first glossAcronym (similar to
today's discussion, in that we cannot prevent many but users should only
have one)
- The consensus on today's call was that if an acronym is not available in
a target language, the expanded value should be specified. However, if the
acronym is empty because a translator removed it, the primary term (the
expanded form) should be used.

4. The existing <glossStatus> element has a new value of "preferred" in the
enumeration. This can be used to indicate that an alternate form (such as
an acronym) is the preferred representation of a term. This is still not a
required element for acronym processing. If a <term> element is used to
reference a glossary entry, the following rules will be used when
retrieving the term:
- As a first choice, the form of the term marked "preferred" will be
- If no term is marked preferred, or if the preferred term is empty
(possibly because it does not exist in a target language), the primary term
will be retrieved
- NOTE: using <abbreviated-form> will always use the processing rules
defined in #3, regardless of what is marked "preferred"

5. As mentioned at the call, the language in the proposal about acronyms
needs to be cleaned up to include all of the translation issues described
in the original proposal.

Please send any comments back to the list. Unfortunately Erik hasn't had
time to review this, so if I mis-characterized something he may be speaking
up soon.

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit
(507) 253-8787, T/L 553-8787 (Good Monday & Thursday)

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