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dita-translation message

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Subject: OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee-- Agenda 4 February 2008

Hello Translation SC Members,
We have a very important meeting scheduled for Monday February. Please everyone try to attend.
Please find the agenda on the Subcommittee wiki
For observer's, see the Agenda at the end of this email.
We need to vote  on the integrated Glossary/Terminology and Acronym proposals before the TC Meeting on Tuesday 5 February.
I've also enclosed it here.

Toll Numbers: USA +1-770-615-1250
Toll-Free Numbers: USA 877-421-0033
Participant Passcode: 610708

ITN: 2-421-0033

In addition, if you are calling from one of these countries, even the toll-based charges should be lower than standard long distance--use whatever works from your location:

Country Toll-free (IBM Pays) Toll (Caller Pays)
Austria +43 179576264
Belgium 0800-7-3026 +32 22006114
Denmark 80-888377 +45 38323070
Finland 0800-914-630 +358 972519061
France 0800-902366 +33 157323040 or  +33 157323041
Germany 0800-181-6323 +49 6951709081
Ireland 1800-558728 +353 16569209
Italy 800-788634 +39 0269430413
Netherlands 0800-022-8558 +31 202008077
Norway 800-18373 +47 24159528
Spain 900-95-1089 +34 912754171
Sweden 020-799414 +46 850163259
Switzerland 0800-564-331 +41 44654562
United Kingdom 0808-234-1969 +44 2070260533
USA 877-421-0033 770-615-1250

8:00-8:05 Roll call PDT

1) Roll Call

2) Approve minutes from previous business meeting:


3) Review open action items

3.1 ACTION: Gershon to investigate whether he can use a client's samples.

  • Gershon will assemble all the examples into the template for the TC; need to add the examples to the Multilanguage Best Practice. CONTINUED. Awaiting legal OK; Gershon is selecting items for use in the Best Practice. Decision to submit the BP to the TC for review without these items and we'll update them after Gershon gets approval from his client, since it's going to take a while.
  • 3.2 ACTION: Gershon and Don will present the approved best practices on
    • indexing, conrefs, and multilanguage as committee drafts for approval by the DITA Technical Committee.
    3.5 ACTION: Rodolfo and Bryan Schnabel will continue to work on the Best Practice for XLIFF

    3.6 ACTION: JoAnn will try writing the sort order addition to the indexing

    3.7 ACTION: JoAnn will contact Richard Ischida to get clarification on the

    • need for a pronunciation element or attribute for the acronym proposal.

      IN PROGRESS -- note sent to Richard. JoAnn raised the issue at the OASIS Symposium with the Accessibility working group headed by Peter Brunet from IBM. They are working on Accessibility for ODF. Suggested that DITA be included in the accessibility discussions. No response as yet.


4.1 Gershon report on status of the Conref Best Practice at the TC http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita-translation/ See 18 November 2007 document

4.2 Gershon report on the status of the Multilanguage Best Practice final format

4.3 JoAnn report on the Indexing Best Practice final format and revisions

4.4 Vote on the combined glossary and acronym proposal.


5) New business:

Discuss possible Best Practice on handling acronyms in translation.

8:50-8:55 Announcements/Opens

8:55 Adjourn


8:50-8:55 Announcements/Opens

8:55 Adjourn

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD
Comtech Services, Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver CO 80215





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