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Subject: OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee Agenda -- 11 June 2008

Hello Translation SC Members,

Please find the agenda for the 11 June 2008 meeting on the Subcommittee wiki



I have also copied the agenda below. Please be certain to review the material sent us by Felix Sasaki from the ITS working group. I have also included Andrzej's proposal for the OAXAL TC as an attachment.




8:00-8:05am Roll call PDT


1) Roll Call


2) Approve minutes from previous business meeting:


3) Review open action items


3.1 ACTION: Gershon to investigate whether he can use a client's samples.


Gershon will assemble all the examples into the template for the TC; need to add the examples to the Multilanguage Best Practice. CONTINUED.


Awaiting legal OK; Gershon is selecting items for use in the Best Practice. Decision to submit the BP to the TC for review without these items and we'll update them after Gershon gets approval from his client, since it's going to take a while.


3.2 ACTION: Rodolfo and Bryan Schnabel will continue to work on the Best Practice for XLIFF







4.1 Gershon report on the status of the Multilanguage Best Practice final format. Nick Rosenthal provided feedback to Gershon. Nancy Harrison to help with the revisions.


4.2 Discussion of the draft acronym/glossary best practice document. Review Kara's edits and Andrzej's addition.


(see attached)


4.3  Discussion of the translate attribute and “partial” translations

Note from Steve Anderson to the yahoo DITA list:


“Many elements in DITA include a translate attribute. It has a value of yes or no. We've been using it in a way similar to the filterable attributes (platform, audience, otherprops, etc.). Before sending our files out for translation, we remove all the content that is marked as translate="no".


As an aside, I'm surprised that the translate attribute isn't filterable like audience.

Anyway, translate yes/no is good for simple situations, but for more complex situations it fails. For example, if you have a topic that is translated into some, but not all languages (a "partial" translation), you can't set translate="no" on it, since, in some cases, it should be translated.”


Note from Felix Sasaki

you could use a mechanism like ITS "Localization Note" for this. See the definition at http://www.w3.org/TR/its/#locNote-datacat

and some BP about it at



in your case having an attribute "locNote" which qualifies what kind of "partial" translation is needed could solve the problem.


Note that I'm not necessarily proposing to use ITS "Localization Note"

natively, but I'm only pointing you to a potential approach to solve the issue.



4.4  Discussion of information from Felix Sasaki


The Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Working Group has published a Group Note of Best Practices for XML Internationalization. This document provides a set of guidelines for developing XML documents and schemas that are internationalized properly. Following the best practices describes here allow both the developer of XML applications, as well as the author of XML content to create material in different languages.






(reader-friendly PDF)


Section 5 of the document "ITS Applied to Existing Formats"




contains a section about ITS and DITA




Thanks a lot to the people on this list who gave feedback on drafts on this section, and this document in general.




5) New business:


5.1 Discussion of the proposed DITA/XLIFF webinar sponsored by OASIS



8:55 Adjourn


Toll Numbers: USA +1-770-615-1250

Toll-Free Numbers: USA 877-421-0033

Participant Passcode: 610708

ITN: 2-421-0033


In addition, if you are calling from one of these countries, even the toll-based charges should be lower than standard long distance--use whatever works from your location:


Country Toll-free (IBM Pays) Toll (Caller Pays) Austria +43 179576264 Belgium 0800-7-3026 +32 22006114 Denmark 80-888377 +45 38323070 Finland 0800-914-630 +358 972519061 France 0800-902366 +33 157323040 or +33 157323041 Germany 0800-181-6323 +49 6951709081 Ireland 1800-558728 +353 16569209 Italy 800-788634 +39 0269430413 Netherlands 0800-022-8558 +31 202008077 Norway 800-18373 +47 24159528 Spain 900-95-1089 +34 912754171 Sweden 020-799414 +46 850163259 Switzerland 0800-564-331 +41 44654562 United Kingdom 0808-234-1969 +44 2070260533 USA 877-421-0033 770-615-1250



JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD


Comtech Services, Inc.

710 Kipling Street, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80215



joannhackos Skype






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