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Subject: Convert a word document into DITA format


I am trying to find a technical solution in order to convert .doc documents
into DITA files. After a sort search I have been confused about what
approach to follow. Below, I state some thoughts about the choices I can

   1. There is another OASIS standard that supports the description of
   office documents (OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications
   (OpenDocument) TC) but I do not know what is  its relationship with the DITA
   2. There is a Microsoft XML-based file format specification called *Office
   Open XML*
   3. Both of these formats could be used as an intermediate step in
   reaching my final goal. The problem is that will be probably a very very
   long step and I think that it does not worth.
   4. Another thought is to use a java library (probably special for .doc
   processing) to parse the files and then to build dita xml files using java
   code (is there any dita java library ?).

Any suggestion ???

Thanks in advance!!!

-- Themistoklis Dakanalis

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