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Subject: [ANN] Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.3

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.3. Highlights:

- Any configuration (DITA, DocBook, XHTML, etc): the node path bar can now be configured to display the value of any attribute you want. XHTML example: "html > body > pre#example.fancy.line-numbers > code". Character "#" is used to prefix the value of attribute id. Character "." is used to prefix the tokens comprising the value of attribute class.

These settings are done using a dialog box displayed when selecting the "Customize" item of the contextual menu of the âfile iconâ found at the very beginning of the node path bar. This contextual menu may also contain a number of checkboxes letting the user quickly hide and show the attributes declared using the "Customize" dialog box.

- New add-on called "FlatLaf Look and Feel" containing a clean, simple and elegant âLook & Feelâ for XMLmind XML Editor.

This add-on, which is not installed by default, is supported on all platforms. It is especially nice to have on Linux where the default âcross-platformâ, Look & Feel (called "Metal") looks rather outdated. It may also interest Windows and Mac users who want a dark theme or simply prefer how FlatLaf looks compared to the default, âsystemâ, Look & Feel.

- A number of other minor yet useful enhancements.

- Updated several software components, among them XMLmind Word To XML (Import DOCX) and XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (Convert Document to RTF, WML, DOCX, ODT).

- A few minor bug fixes too.

More information in https://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/changes.html

What is XMLmind XML Editor?


Personal Edition is free to use by many persons and organizations


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