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dita message

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Subject: DITA TC Meeting Minutes -- 5/4/2004


4 May 2004

Comment: Master list from Dave Schell

*Paul Grosso Arbortext, Inc. Prospective Member 
*Don Day IBM Secretary 
*Michael Priestley IBM Prospective Member 
*David Schell IBM TC Chair 
?Paul Antonov Individual Prospective Member 
*France Baril Individual Prospective Member 
*JoAnn T. Hackos Individual Prospective Member 
*Deborah Lapeyre Individual Prospective Member 
?Mary McRae Individual Prospective Member 
*Michael Smith Individual Prospective Member 
*Eliot Kimber Innodata Corporation Prospective Member 
*Seraphim Larsen Intel Prospective Member 
*Bruce Esrig Lucent Technologies Prospective Member 
*Jeffrey Beck National Library of Medicine Prospective Member 
*Indi Liepa Nokia Prospective Member 
?Karl Best OASIS Prospective Member 
?Robin Cover OASIS Prospective Member 
*Stanley Doherty Sun Microsystems Prospective Member 
*Frank Peters Sun Microsystems Prospective Member 
?Bruce Sesnovich Sun Microsystems Prospective Member 
*Sharon Veach Sun Microsystems Prospective Member 
*Jerry Smith US Defense Information Systems Agency 
*Frank Closset, Trisoft BV, Prospective member
*Scott Tsao, Boeing Corporation
*Jamie Clark, OASIS


 1. Roll call
 2. Welcome by convener: Dave Schell
 3. Election of the chair
 4. Welcome from the OASIS staff
 5. Review of the TC charter:
    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/dita/charter.php or
 6. Vote on any standing rules for the TC
 7. Assignment of responsibilities
    liaisons with other groups
 8. Organization of subcommittees
 9. Discussion of contributed work
10. Discuss proposition to W3C Call for Papers Workshop on Web
    and Compound Documents
11. Confirmation of meeting schedule 

1. Roll call
    - Carried out by Dave Schell. Voting eligibility of attendees
      for this meeting established.

    - Voting rights depend on date of membership submission (not
      later than 15 days before first public meeting)

2. Welcome by convener: Dave Schell
    Dave Schell (IBM) welcomed the participants and thanked the
    proposer team for their contributions.

3. Elections of the chair
    - Don Day elected unopposed

4. Welcome from the OASIS staff 
    Jamie Clark of OASIS welcomed the participants --
        - Participants must read and understand the member rules and
          take responsibility for them
        - The Intellectual Property rules must also be read.
          Everything at OASIS is public, nothing is confidential,
          participants must acknowledge/declare their IP interests
        - What is the Charter?  It is the scope of what the TC is
          dealing with - limits what the TC does - "binds the
          committee and what it does"
        - OASIS & DITA -- we need "SIS" focus -- DITA provides that
          focus. Need to understand how it applies to larger space
          outside of documents themselves - how we share
          w/transactional work. Very enthusiastic about this work.
          Including willingness to harvest use cases. 

5. Review of the TC charter
    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/dita/charter.php or

    The charter will be reviewed once all the members have read it.

6. Vote on any standing rules for the TC
    - Pronunciation of "DITA" -- DITA is pronounced using short
      vowel (as the "i" in "ditto"; does NOT rhyme with "pita"), but
      long vowel also recognized

    - Standing meeting every week, schedule to be adjusted if
      needed.  The schedule is posted on the TC calendar.

    - It was decided to allow asynchronous ballots (email ballots)
      as a standing rule.  Approved without opposition.

    - The meeting will follow Roberts Rules of Order when needed

7. Assignment of responsibilities
    - Editors
        - Michael Priestley and JoAnn Hackos elected unopposed

    - Secretary/scribe
        - Seraphim Larsen elected unopposed
        - If Seraphim is not present at a meeting, the Chair will
          appoint a secretary for the meeting.
        - Indi Liepa and Dave Schell to send prior notes to Seraphim

    - Webmaster
        - Don proposes that this job be combined with the job of
          Chair -- proposal accepted unopposed
        - Thus Don Day elected unopposed

    - Liaisons with other groups
        - Need DocBook liaison -- noted, but no action taken
        - No proposals made for liaisons with other groups

    - Parliamentarian (to "enforce" Roberts Rules of Order when
        - Eliot Kimber elected unopposed

8. Organization of subcommittees
    - It was noted that we have a special relationship to the DocBook

9. Discussion of contributed work

    - We need to keep a clear distinction (going forward) between
      the DITA *specification* materials (on the OASIS website) and
      the DITA *reference implementation* (on the IBM website).
        - The OASIS site has the specification -- nothing else --
          but the specification material is *complete*
        - The IBM site has additional material but none of it is a
          requirement to use DITA

    - Is there a Getting Started guide? 
        - The User Guide (in progress, being authored by Michael
          Priestley) will include tutorials and thus can be used as
          a getting-started guide.

    - TC is geared toward getting more information out to the larger

    - What is the DITA sweet spot? 
        - DITA was designed to deliver technical information,
          especially documents in such forms as HTML or PDF
        - Topics - but we "major" in technical documentation because
          that is what we best understand 
        - Technical documentation is too limiting but is an area of
          first expertise 
        - DITA defines a reusable object as a "topic" 
        - DITA allows teams to become up & running quickly with new
          information types 
        - Specialization allows growth of your content model -
          allows you to say what needs to be said and have a
          supporting structure for it.  This differentiates DITA
          from other models. 
        - DITA allows element-level reuse
        - Michael and Don are building a FAQ to address this
          further.  They will be sure to include a discussion of
          maps (esp. to differentiate DITA maps from more generic
          topic maps)

    - Conref - reuse transclusion 

    - Jamie Clark advised that the TC come up with a marketing and
      pitch for DITA to answer commonly asked questions.  Dave
      Schell, Michael Priestley, and Bruce Sesnovitch gave some

    - Scott Tsao initiated a discussion of the relationship between
      compound documents and architectural forms.  The discussion
      will be continued on the mailing list, as suggested by the

10. Discuss proposition to W3C Call for Papers Workshop on Web
    and Compound Documents

    - We have an opportunity to make a position stmt
        - The deadline was 4/30
        - Thus the proposers submitted a stmt -- do we want to
          support it or withdraw it?  Debate will be moved to the
          mailing list, to give time for everyone to read it.
        - The stmt is in the documents section of the website

11. Confirmation of meeting schedule 
    - Next week at the same time (but only one hour, not two)
    - Dates, times, and meeting details are in the TC calendar on
      the OASIS website

There being no further business before the committee, the meeting
was adjourned.


Seraphim Larsen                  ICG Technical Publications
Sr. Technical Writer                      Intel Corporation
(480) 552-6504                                 Chandler, AZ

The content of this message is my personal opinion only. 
Although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make 
here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor 
am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter.

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