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Subject: RE: [dita] Meeting Minutes 5/11/2004 -- DITA Technical Committee

There are few discrepancies in this minutes from what I understood:

** Summary of Decisions **
    - Approved to start a regular series of web briefings over a
      six-week period, starting 5/17, in a separate meeting on
      Mondays at 3 PM ET.

[sst] My understanding is that the earliest starting date will be Monday, 5/24.

** Action Required **
    005 Scott Tsao -- Start a discussion on the Mailing List
        regarding DITA namespace declarations.

[sst] My understanding is that I will provide references for RDDL as a possible mechanism to provide a directory of DITA resources, assuming that DITA namespace has been declared (in terms of an URL).


Scott Tsao
The Boeing Company
P.O. Box 3707, MC 67-EF
Seattle, WA 98124-2207

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