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Subject: Remaining DITA Briefing topics for June

Per action item # 014 Don Day -- "Don will send out a list of all the
remaining briefings subjects, with a specific request for people to
submit questions ahead of time."

The remaining briefing sessions are:
- June 21 -- Reuse and conditional processing
- June 28 -- Lifecycle

Suggestions to prime the pumps:

Many disciplines talk about the "holy grail of reuse."  Can DITA make
this claim?
Does reuse apply to anything else in DITA besides content?
Are "conditional processing" and "profiling" equivalent terms?
Is it possible to overuse/abuse conditional processing and conref?  Can
we limit this architecturally, or is tasteful usage a best practice?
Does the use of conref or conditional cues consign my content to the
Build paradigm, or can I defer some of that resolution to the browser?  
Can my customer browse XML that adapts dynamically for particular
installed features?
Can DITA support incremental updates for patches or minor releases?
How do I ensure interoperability with  a contractor who provides a
portion of my techpubs support?  What minimal tools does he need in
order to provide content that I can bring seamlessly into my CMS and
production system?

Don Day

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