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Subject: authoring/publishing our spec [was: [dita] Meeting Minutes 6/22/2004]

At 15:34 2004-06-24 -0700, Larsen, Seraphim L wrote:
>Meeting Minutes 6/22/2004 -- DITA Technical Committee
>        - OASIS formal template for specifications:
>          http://www.oasis-open.org/spectools/index.php (just
>          a pointer to OpenOffice.org)

I hope we plan to use XML to author our spec and distribute it in
XML, HTML, and PDF (though personally, I don't care about the PDF).

is an example of HTML output by the Entity Resolution TC (though the "XML" and "PDF"
links there do not work thanks to how screwed up the Kavi system is).  Norm uses
DocBook to author that and then has stylesheets to produce output.

I was assuming we'd use DITA to author the DITA spec and produce HTML and PDF.

So I'm unclear what the reference to "OASIS formal template for specifications"
implies for us here. 


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