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Subject: Re: [dita] Which CALS Table model should we specify?

At 12:46 2004-06-29 -0400, Patricia Gee Best wrote:
>We also use the CALS table model at Sun Microsystems.

Sorry, but the lose terminology is getting confusing.

Although Bruce used the term "CALS", he really said he uses the
OASIS Exchange table model, NOT the full CALS table model (as
evidenced by the FPI he quoted).

So does Sun also use the Exchange table model, or does it instead
use the full CALS table model (e.g., do you use tfoot and spanspec
and entrytbl tags)?


>Esrig, Bruce (Bruce) wrote:
>>After inquiring internally, another data point ...
>>The table model that we are using in our XML work at Lucent is based
>>on the CALS exchange table model, specifically -//oasis//dtd xml exchange
>>table model 19990315//en
>>Bruce Esrig

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