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Subject: Re: [dita] Meeting Minutes 7/06/2004 -- DITA Technical Committee

At 20:07 2004-07-06 -0400, France Baril wrote:

>- Namespace for DITA?
>Eliot has demonstrated that he can add namespaces into schema and
>operate on it. He created 2 ns, one for maps and one for topics. He
>had to modify the xslt processor 

Actually, I did hear Eliot say this, but I doubt he modified the 
XSLT *processor*.  I assumed he meant he modified the stylesheets.  


>so that all maps statement referred
>to the class attribute and made sure all templates matched on *
>instead of on element names. XSLTs were already using * matches at
>98%. There is nothing more to it.
>Corresponding change on document: add the namespace declaration.
>Because dita namespace become root namespace so no implication for
>other changes.
>Paul Grosso: supporting namespaces does not bring extra problems to vendors.

Supporting namespaces is work for vendors, but it's work that
vendors are going to have to do to be up to date and to support
schemas and modern uses of XML.  So what I meant to say is that
adding namespaces to DITA shouldn't make it any harder for a vendor
to support DITA than to support any other modern-day XML application.


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