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Subject: RE: PLCS TC Editor's usage of the OASIS OpenOffice template.


Action Item 023 - OASIS PLCS TC Editor's use of the OASIS OpenOffice template.

We polled our group and received the following response from Nigel Shaw:

"I have been using the OASIS Word Template and have found it, in the British sense, "interesting". For example, I struggled to get the numbering to stretch across into annexes and similarly with cross-references. (there did not seem to be any supporting documentation and the example was limited.) All in all it ended up being a slow process to use it. I was left with the feeling that the developers actually had not really used it, doing their particular standards using the xml route. I would not be surprised if the open office template was similar.

I also have some concerns about the reference that appears to be required for standards language (must, shall, etc) and its contradictions with the ISO use of the same terms. "



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