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Subject: [dita] Table Model returns

Where we can all agree (I hope):
    - Tables models are a perennial problem
    - Table coding is complex, because it mingles the
        famous format/content distinction we are all so
        proud of in XML

    - There are really only two models in contention:

        - OASIS Exchange
        - XHTML
      (Thus full CALS is not in contention)

Opinion starts here:

   -  We do not really want to judge this on "what is a
      good" (or "better" table model. Most of those of
      us, who are old enough, have written table models
      better than either of those in contention. Not
      relevant. This is VHS versus Beta in video tape
      20 years ago. It is more important that we all use
      the same model that that it be a good model.

Objectives we might use to decide:

  - Which model has the most use now? (legacy data)
    Does this differ between all print (which has historically
    been CALS), all web (which has historically been HTML),
    and mixed use (current) systems? What we really need are usage
    statistics, and I'm not sure how to get them.

  - Which is likely to have the most use in the future?

  - Which is easier to integrate into a modular
      system? (if there is any difference.)

  - Which is easier to read?

  - Which is easier to use? (realizing that most
     users work in WYSIWYG Table editors and do not
     care what they use.)

  - What do other PUBLIC DTDs and schemas use? (Have
      they published as rationale as to why?)

  - Which one can the most tool vendors handle?

What other questions so we can have answers (or at least
opinions) next week?


Deborah Aleyne Lapeyre               mailto:dalapeyre@mulberrytech.com
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.                http://www.mulberrytech.com
17 West Jefferson Street                    Direct Phone: 301/315-9633
Suite 207                                          Phone: 301/315-9631
Rockville, MD  20850                                 Fax: 301/315-8285
   Mulberry Technologies: A Consultancy Specializing in XML and SGML

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