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Subject: Dynamic Navigation in DITA (citation, online document)

Per request, I have posted a Powerpoint version of the
presentation "Dynamic Navigation in DITA," byErik Hennum
and Robert Anderson, from the Content Management
Strategies Conference 2004.


"IBM is exploring dynamic management of content using DITA.
DITA rigorously separates content from context. The context
can be represented as a manipulatable TopicMap. An
information provider can both assemble information from
multiple sources and personalize information for multiple
audiences."  Contents: (1) The problem with static content
[challenges of integrating information components, serving
multiple audiences, and scaling to the enterprise]; (2)
Solving the content problem with DITA [creating content for
many contexts, specifying metadata properties such as the
content audience]; (3) Solving the processing problem
[scoping and filtering content with an on-demand repository];
(4) Demo of solution.

Robin Cover
XML Cover Pages
WWW: http://xml.coverpages.org
ISOGEN: rcover@innodata-isogen.com
OASIS: robin.cover@oasis-open.org

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