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Subject: Re: [dita] DTD Formatting: Element Alignment

Eliot said"
  1) "Part of my syntax depends on careful alignment of tokens at
the same level of indention. This is essentially the same as scheme/
lisp-style indention ..."This is entirely dependent on correct indention--."

Ah, there is my problem. Sorry. My bad eyes. I cannot tell the siblings
if they are more than 2 lines apart. I can't see which indents line up
with which, so it is just goobledy-gook.

This is just like long outlines without vertical matching bars.
No can do. But that is me and not necessarily a generalization.

2) "One advantage to the one-token-per-line approach is that it makes
it very easy to add and remove tokens from groups and helps to reduce typos."

Absolutely true, and I do believe in maintenance-friendly, but in
reader friendly first.

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