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Subject: Clarification of DITA-unique additions to Exchange table

Action 51 from last week was for me to take the discussion of @scale and related issues to the list.  Here is a breakdown of the proposed DITA inclusions and their roles.

For the <table> element, add:
 %univ-atts; which consists of:
   %select-atts; [for selection, conditional processing]
   %id-atts; [for conref and linking]
   @translate + @xml:lang) [for NLS processing support]
 %global-atts; (@xtrf + @xtrc)  [for tracing and messaging support in processors]
 @class  [for specialization support]
 @rowheader  [for accessibility support in processing]
 %display-atts; (shared also with <fig>), which consists of:
   @scale [for presentational equivalence with other exhibits: fig, pre, lines, simpletable]
   @expanse (same intent as original @pgwidth, which we can reinstate with no loss of processing semantics)

For <tgroup>, <thead>, <tbody>, and <row>, add:

For <entry>, add:

In addition, introduce the DITA-unique <desc> element (optional after <title>); this element enables more consistent presentation of both figures and tables.

Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>

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