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Subject: RE: [dita] Containers for steps and other elements!?

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 17:29, France Baril wrote:

> I like the idea of using conref for multiple items with a start and an
> end id. Especially since it can be done without changes to the current
> dita dtd and with almost any elements. 

Handling start/end ID's and selecting nodeset from between may be tricky
with XSLT. Another variant is to use tags in addition to conref:

	<!-- referenced topic -->
        <steps id="stepsId">
        <step tag="step-tag1 step-tag2">...</step>
        <step tag="step-tag1">...</step>
        <step tag="step-tag2"</step>

	<!-- referencing topic -->
        <steps conref="topic.xml#stepsId" conref-tag="step-tag1"/>
In the stylesheet, processing of such a reference is simple:
id($conref_id)/*[contains(@tag, $conref_tag)])
Another side effect is the ability to reference/collect sparse elements
(e.g. step-tag2 in this example).

Just a thought.

-- Paul

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