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dita message

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Minutes taken by Michael Priestley

*** Please see Action Items and Decision Summary at the end ***

** Agenda **

0. Scribe for today's minutes 

1. Roll call

2. Review/approve minutes from 28 September

3. Specification status

4. List issues:
  - TC: terminology
  - dita-users: image/@align, tm/image

5. DTD cleanup
- Alignment convention (elements, attributes, comments, etc.)
- Testing the DTDs and Schemas

6. AOB?

** Minutes **
   1. Roll call
      Members: Bruce Esrig, Dave Schell, Deborah Lapeyre, France Baril, Indi Liepa, Michael Priestley, Paul Grosso, Robin Cover, Stanley Doherty, Don Day (10/21: no quorum)
      Observers and visitors: Erik Hennum, Nancy Harrison, Alan Houser

 previous minutes cannot be approved given lack of quorum
 open items were reviewed, no changes recommended

status of spec:
 - don owing content for 2.0
 - 2.0 content should be done by next week
 - 3.0 stuff - erik and michael on the hook, other volunteers welcome
 - next week:
   - revisit question of separate spec for specialization
   - should not affect 3.0 content so much;
     just means dita references would become examples


document type
- bruce: we're tending towards document type
- need input from eliot, joann- others who are absent

dita-users list issues:
 - align attribute on image - legacy discussion to be added from don
   (document image/@align along with the table/@style expectations)
 - image in tm - but how would we sort?
processing right now is absent in dita toolkit in any case
so we need clear definition of expected behavior
france baril: not currently using
nokia: currently using, but as text only
don: will suggest using text that could be used as a lookup for an image
will also describe ibm's use - added by tool, only first one takes effect
can resume discussion on tc after discussion on dita-users
      (to clarify intended use before undertaking design work)

     action for don: reply to image align and tm notes in dita-users

DTD cleanup:
 don proposes it's an editorial decision, leave it up to joann hackos
 and michael priestley to decide, don will implement

 action for don: add to agenda for next week's meeting

Testing DTDs and schemas:
 - France Baril will investigate and return with some options

 - don: we need to validate not only according to DTD or schema rules,
   but also test somehow whether they follow the dita design pattern

 - Indi: will forward comments from audit of their (nokia's) specialization process

 - France: any easier to test design pattern on schemas? since they are xml,
   easier to add validation transform

 - Eric Sirois: current version of schemas not using inheritance (since
   buggy in schema 1.0) - planning to write transform to help developers
   validate their specialization - but not yet written

 - action for Eric Sirois: provide XSLT validation for specialized schemas
   once developed (presumably one for shell, one for module? or traverse
   full schema from shell)

 - don: ideally should work for both map and topic specialization

 - eric: should it also validate style? (eg following debbie's suggestions)

 - mp: suggest not, or at least optional - don't make conflicting house styles a validity issue

mp: I'll be absent next time for sigdoc

** Summary of Decisions **
None today; no quorum.

** Action Required **

   017 Shawn Jordan -- Post to the TC list his ideas about general 
       extensibility and the creation of new elements not
       necessarily descended from the Topic element. Still open
       (not an immediate deliverable -- for post-1.0).

   021 JoAnn Hackos, Michael Priestley -- Summarize the discussion
       of substitution and post to the TC list. Still pending as of

   022 Don, Michael -- Put together a "self-study" tutorial/demo,
       as per JoAnn's comments regarding the DITA sessions. Still
       pending as of 7/20/04.

   036 Shawn Jordan -- Investigate where to point the DITA
       namespace -- where does the URL point? Maybe an OASIS page
       that describes what DITA does, etc.   Still pending 8/17/04.

   040 Don -- Cull the past minutes and discussion list to create
       an inventory of all the things we need to close on in order
       to create the 1.0 spec.  Create a list of these items and
       post it in the Documents area of the website.  >>> This will
       be ongoing.

   043 Michael Priestley -- Add a straw-man audience statement to
       the introduction.  <<< Still pending as of 9/7/04.

   051 Don Day, 9/7/04 -- Take the discussion of @scale attribute
       and related issues to the list (presentation mechanisms).

    054 Erik Hennum, 9/14/04 -- Provide a comment about vocabulary 
       (terminology discussion) to the list.

   055 Don, 9/21/04 -- Take the @scale discussion to the list.

   056 Mary Macrae, 9/28/04 -- Get the dates for the OASIS forum in
       New Orleans as a possible venue for the DITA F2F.

       Closed 10/05/04 with this communique:

       "second annual OASIS Symposium will be held in New Orleans,
        LA on 25-29 April. TCs are strongly encouraged to fix this
        date for a TC F2F meeting;"

   057 Eliot Kimber, 9/28/04 -- Move the discussion on terminology
       (and meta-terminology) to the list. Closed 10/05/04

   058 Don Day, 9/28/04 -- Compose a short note to the TAC.

   059 Don Day, 9/28/04 -- Open a ballot to decide whether to keep
       the full set of features for mitigating table migration.

   060 Indi Liepa, 10/05/04 -- forward comments from audit of Nokia's
       specialization process

   061 Don Day, 10/05/04 -- reply to image align and tm notes in

   062 Eric Sirois, 10/05/04 -- provide XSLT validation for

       specialized schemas once developed

** Issues to be Resolved **
   005 All -- What should the scope and length of the conceptual
       introduction be?  >>> We'll get this from JoAnn.

   006 All -- Should DITA specialization mechanism be documented in
       a separate specification in order to make it easier to use
       in other XML applications that otherwise have no
       relationship to topic-based writing? >>> Ongoing.

   008 Namespace Subcommittee -- Decide namespace issues.  New as
       of 8/31/04.

   009 "Best Practices" document -- Let's put this on the agenda
       for future discussion.

   010 Relationship between DITA and other topic-based
       architectures (such as S1000D) -- Need to incorporate this
       into the "Best Practices" document.

   011 All -- Revisit use of @scale on image (general treatment of
       graphics, ie raster vs vector assumptions, etc.).
       Compare/contrast with controls for the <object> element,
       which in HTML subsumes the <img> element.


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