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Subject: Fw: [dita] OASIS DITA TC: 4 January 2005 meeting reminder

Greetings, DITA TC colleagues. This is a reminder for Tuesday's regular
telecon, from 11 AM to noon EST.

I hope you have enjoyed the holidays.  We do have some cleanup issues

to discuss today, as the spec and DTDs go through review and revision.

USA Toll Free Number: 866-566-4838
USA Toll Number: +1-210-280-1707
PASSCODE: 185771


1. Roll call

2. Review/approve minutes from 14 December

3. Specification status (look for recent updates in file area)

  - namespaces and identifiers: need agreement on namespace urls and
    conventions for extension, and public identifiers for  dtds/schemas
  - naming conventions and file extensions - I'm assuming we do need to
    document what the transforms will support - please  check; also,
    should we copy the specialization naming conventions here? finally,
    should the specialization rules actually  care about rules for
    shell documents? they don't affect reuse, and may be the interface
    to other systems that have their own  naming conventions.
  - topicref/link atts: how/where to talk about query, and why is it
    available in map but not topic?
    Also vice versa question for @translate, @xml:lang atts, which are
    available in topics but not maps
  - reconciliation of metadata elements in topics versus maps. should
    we just defer to post-1.0?
  - specifics for otherprops - how to process it (if it is really going
    to function as extension, needs to be more than just a  fourth
    attribute - needs to allow groupings of values)
  - limits of specialization - review, currently point-form only for
    extension info
  - namespaces in design: to be written
  - developing processes: to be written
  - CSS fallback support: Don to get back
  - namespaces in processing: to be written

4. List issues (triage as potential post-1.0):

 - Additional bugfix issues (details to come):
   9. Add tm into keyword content model to enable proper trademarking
      of keyword content.

   10. Map and topic cannot share same keyword definition: recommend
       cutting the keyword element declaration from meta_xml.mod and
       paste separate defs into map.mod (no tm) and topic.mod (with

   11. Elements derived from keyword must have same content models--
       need to revert words.cnt back to "PCDATA" for:
        msgnum, cmdname, varname
        option, parmname, apiname, kwd

   12. Default attribute values must be declared with " delimiters

 - Should <tm> allow images or logoized content?

 - Should <keyword> be allowed to nest?

5. AOB?

Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
IBM Lead DITA Architect
11501 Burnet Rd., MS 9037D018, Austin TX 78758
Ph. 512-838-8550 (T/L 678-8550)

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
--T.S. Eliot

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