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Subject: otherprops syntax - should we specify?

Just wanted to start the discussion on the list. For background, take a look at the conditional processing topic in the current draft of the spec.

In the conditional processing section, it says:

"Each attribute takes zero or more space-delimited string values."

Now, this is fine for semantically grouped values like those in the product or audience attributes, but is inadequate for otherprops, which might contain multiple semantic groupings. For example, otherprops might take parenthetical groupings of values as well as directly contained values.

Chris Wong pointed out that because we haven't specified the syntax of otherprops in the past we could invalidate some existing designs by specifying it now.

We might be able to address this concern either by basing our design on the existing one if it passes muster, or if there are multiple designs in use we could soften the wording from a requirement to a recommendation in the case of otherprops.

Otherwise I think we leave a hole in the specification that could result in multiple incompatible implementations of conditional processing code, and content that becomes tied to one implementation or the other.

Michael Priestley

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