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Subject: OASIS DITA TC: 11 January 2005 meeting reminder

Greetings, DITA TC colleagues. This is a reminder for Tuesday's regular
telecon, from 11 AM to noon EST.

More focus on closing issues today...

USA Toll Free Number: 866-566-4838
USA Toll Number: +1-210-280-1707
PASSCODE: 185771


1. Roll call

2. Review/approve minutes from 14 December
  and 04 January

3. Affirm tentative decisions from last week:

- Namespace URI: dita.oasisopen.org/1.0/
- Naming conventions will be removed for shell doctypes.
- Need to add query, translate and xml:lang attributes in the formal
update of the map dtd.

4. Specification status

  As of last week:
  - namespaces in design: to be written
  - developing processes: to be written
  - CSS fallback support: Don to get back
  - namespaces in processing: to be written

  Related list issues:
  - otherprops syntax
  - URIs and versions

5. Bug lists (triage):

    1. Make the body element optional in base topic as well as for
       task, concept, and  reference
    2. Make the keyref attribute CDATA instead of NMTOKEN so we can use
       URIs as keys
    3. Retire the boolean element
    4. Insert <desc> into <xref> -- for equivalence between xref and
    5. Choice is missing a number of elements -- should have same
       content model as <li>
    6. Expand map DTD so meta elements are equivalent to topic meta
       (content elements in map should match same elements in topic:
        shortdesc, searchtitle, linktext)

    7. Add mapref to map

  (issue 8 fixes a syntax error introduced by the fix for #9)
    8. Change the syntax for the keyword definition to parameterize the
       "tm" element

  (June era toolkit fixes that were not reported at the time)
      9. Add tm into keyword content model to enable proper trademarking
         of keyword content.

      10. Map and topic cannot share same keyword definition: recommend
          cutting the keyword element declaration from meta_xml.mod and
          paste separate defs into map.mod (no tm) and topic.mod (with

      11. Elements derived from keyword must have same content models--
          need to revert words.cnt back to "PCDATA" for:
           msgnum, cmdname, varname
           option, parmname, apiname, kwd

      12. Default attribute values must be declared with " delimiters

     13. Provide more equivalence between topicref/link atts:
         @query, @translate, @xml:lang

If time permits--statements, at least, on these questions from users.
 - Should <tm> allow images or logoized content?

 - Should <keyword> be allowed to nest?

6. AOB?

Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
IBM Lead DITA Architect
11501 Burnet Rd., MS 9037D018, Austin TX 78758
Ph. 512-838-8550   (T/L 678-8550)

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
       --T.S. Eliot

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