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Subject: Re: [dita] Contents of the DITA spec

I have the source for the reference, Chris. It is basically the version from the public toolkit to which I'm adding the bug fix changes and Exchange Table updates, formatted without the Contains/Contained By sections, which were badly out of date due to content model changes during the evolution of the Language Reference. The DTDs and Schemas will represent the formal structures of the specification. I can take any suggestions or review comments that you may have for the Reference materials as you see them in the published version. I'm adding more content to the "alt" and the the "imagemap" family of topics, which are pretty flimsy in the current LR.

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[dita] Contents of the DITA spec

I emailed M Priestley for clarification, and from what he told me the following are the deliverables of the DITA 1.0 standard:

    1. The DITA specification document (now in draft)
    2. DTDs and XML schemas
    3. A reference document that describes every element and their attributes, detailing their purpose and use.
There does not seem to have been much discussion on #3 (the comprehensive reference). Are we still on track for the public toolkit's reference to be part of the standard?


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