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dita message

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Subject: Outstanding Action Items

Hello List Members,

I incorporated the ARs from the 1/4 and 1/11 meetings into the larger
list.  Here it is.


** Action Required ** 
    021 JoAnn Hackos, Michael Priestley -- Summarize the discussion
        of substitution and post to the TC list.  Still pending as
        of 7/20/04.  >>>11/30/04: Action: Michael Priestley to add
        note to conref that people may substitute conref targets at
        build time

    022 Don, Michael -- Put together a "self-study" tutorial/demo,
        as per JoAnn's comments regarding the DITA sessions. Still
        pending as of 7/20/04. 

    040 Don -- Cull the past minutes and discussion list to create
        an inventory of all the things we need to close on in order
        to create the 1.0 spec.  Create a list of these items and
        post it in the Documents area of the website.  >>> This will
        be ongoing.

    051 055 Don Day, 9/7/04 -- Take the discussion of @scale
        attribute and related issues to the list (presentation
        mechanisms). (merge with next...)
    061 Don Day, 10/05/04 -- Reply to image align and tm notes in
        dita-users.  >>> Agenda item for 11/9/04.  <<<11/30/04:
        image align issue is a doc mistake, corrected in the
        "dita132" toolkit version of Language Reference source.

    062 Eric Sirois, 10/05/04 -- provide XSLT validation for
        specialized schemas once developed (Indi recommends Jarno to
        work with him)

    063 All, 11/02/04, 11/09/04 -- Provide comments to Michael
        Priestley on the draft -- provide comments to Michael ASAP.
        Michael Priestley to incorporate comments into draft
        specification; prepare new iteration for 11/16 meeting.  >>>
        11/30/04 in progress

    068 Nancy Harrison to send summary of DocBook table
        accessibility additions to TC list.

    069 Don will provide a list of each of the modules that have
        a revised pi. 

    070 Erik please put together proposal for Ns for dtds and
        modules (if necessary) for Michael.

    071 Otherprops: The section on conditional processing does not
        give best practices for using this att. Specific additional
        syntax. As C. Wong raised on the list: we don't have a std
        to extend attribute. But we don't have specific syntax if we
        add more then 1 attribute in there. Need for 1.0 or later?
        Put this on the list for discussion.

    072 All: take a look at the limit of spec topic. It's all new
        content and in need of review. 

    073 EH to bring the namesapce discussion offline. Others to
        include in discussion: Paul, Eliott, Bruce, Michael P., Eric

    074 Everyone bring comments to Michael on what we already have.

** Issues to be Resolved ** 
    006 All -- Should DITA specialization mechanism be documented in
        a separate specification in order to make it easier to use
        in other XML applications that otherwise have no
        relationship to topic-based writing?  >>> Ongoing.  >>>
        11/30/04: - add to spec issues list  

    009 "Best Practices" document -- Let's put this on the agenda
        for future discussion.

    010 Relationship between DITA and other topic-based
        architectures (such as S1000D) -- Need to incorporate this
        into the "Best Practices" document.

    011 All -- Revisit use of @scale on image (general treatment of
        graphics, ie raster vs vector assumptions, etc.).
        Compare/contrast with controls for the <object> element,
        which in HTML subsumes the <img> element.  >>> 11/30/04: see
        Actions 051, 055 above.

Seraphim Larsen                  ICG Technical Publications
Technical Writer                          Intel Corporation
(480) 552-6504                                 Chandler, AZ

The content of this message is my personal opinion only. 
Although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make 
here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor 
am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter.

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