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Subject: Re: [dita] Catching up with TC activity

Thanks for responding. I should have phrased my question better for #2. My question should have been "what changes would I see in DITA 1.0 as a user currently writing DITA 1.32 documents with tables in Emacs?" My impression from the list archives is that the current DITA table is substantially the CALS Exchange table model with more restricted attributes and some DITAisms added. So if DITA 1.0 is going to officially incorporate the Exchange model, what is the practical difference from the current DITA? Is it just the expansion of attribute value choices? This is apart from the presumably unresolved discussion about @scale.

Thanks again for any responses.


Don Day wrote:
2. Whether there are any user-visible changes for moving to the Exchange
Table Model depends on how an editor supports column resizing and span
controls. Ideally, users should not have to interact directly with the
markup for width and span values. I'll let the other editor implementors
speak to this question, as my ideal vision for editors usually exceeds

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