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dita message

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*** Please see Action Items and Decision Summary at the end *** 

** Agenda ** 
    - Vote on DITA 1.0 Spec Ballot -- 
        - Jamie Clark advised Don Day that because our TC is still
          grandfathered under the previous OASIS process document,
          we do not need to have the Special Majority Vote to
          resolve the negative votes.  If we have a quick meeting
          today with quorum attendance, we can still resolve to
          accept the passage of DITA as a Spec by simple majority.

    - Here is the question on which we are voting -- 
            Do you approve accepting the specification as submitted
            and as passed by OASIS member ballot by the required

** Minutes ** 
    - We *do* have quorum (12 of 24).
        - Don Day has a list of attendees and will post to the list.

    - Again, here is the question on which we are voting -- 

            Do you approve accepting the specification as submitted
            and as passed by OASIS member ballot by the required

    - The Vote:
        - The vote was unanimously in favor (12 of 12), with no
          abstentions or opposed.
        - We have a spec!  

    - Additional business -- 
        - JoAnn Hackos raised the idea of creating an
          interoperability document where CMS vendors can include
          information about how their products conform to DITA.
            - Some vendors claim to have a better method than DITA
              maps, for handling reuse (for example), and thus do
              not want to conform to the DITA spec.  This creates
              interoperability issues with other comapnies who are
              using DITA but a different CMS.
            - JoAnn will submit what they've written so far, and see
              what the TC thinks about it.
            - Perhaps we should do a questionnaire to give to the
              CMS vendors, and post the results.
            - The main issue is that we can get interoperability in
              the end.  CMS vendors can handle things "under the
              hood" any way they like, as long as content conforming
              to DITA can be extracted somehow.

** Summary of Decisions ** 
    - We voted unanimously to approve the 1.0 specification.

** Action Required ** 
    022 Don, Michael -- Put together a "self-study" tutorial/demo,
        as per JoAnn's comments regarding the DITA sessions.  Still
        pending as of 7/20/04.

    062 Eric Sirois, 10/05/04 -- provide XSLT validation for
        specialized schemas once developed (Indi recommends Jarno to
        work with him) >>> 1/25/05 -- this will be an ongoing
        project; the 1.0 spec does not depend on this.

    079 Don Day, 2/8/05 -- Ask Mary Macrae about several issues -- 
            - How can the public submit comments on the CD?  Can we
              get a mailing list set up?  etc.
            - What are the constraints for the final format of the

    080 All, 2/8/05 -- Remove comments from the CD.

    081 All, 2/8/05 -- Will there be a .chm version of the CD files?

    082 All, 3/8/05 -- Submit comments to Michael Priestley on the
        Architecture Specification.

    085 Michael Priestley, 3/15/05 -- provide the HTML format as
        part of the spec (to be done after the submission).
    086 Who?, 3/15/05 -- Need to submit the committee draft 2 to the
        OASIS administration for approval.

    087 3/29/05 -- Ask JoAnn Hackos if she wants to continue
        in her role as co-Editor with Michael Priestley.

    088 Chris Kravogel, 3/29/05 -- Expand "Keyword" issue (on the
        Issues List) to (A) Semantics and (B) Nesting.  CLOSED

    089 Chris Kravogel, 3/29/05 -- Add the rest of Michael's issues
        to the Issues List (which Michael sent by email to the TC
        List).  CLOSED 4/5/05.

    090 Bruce Esrig, 4/26/05 -- Come up with examples of formal
        completeness issues -- e.g. features spplied to some
        elements but not all.

    091 JoAnn Hackos, 5/3/05 -- CMS interoperability document
        / questionnaire <<< post to TC list.  
    092 (placeholder)

** Issues to be Resolved ** 
    009 "Best Practices" document -- Let's put this on the agenda
        for future discussion.

    010 Relationship between DITA and other topic-based
        architectures (such as S1000D) -- Need to incorporate this
        into the "Best Practices" document.

    012 All, 2/8/05 -- Decide how to manage incoming comments
        resulting from the Public Review of the Committee Draft.

    013 Need volunteer to find mentions of "post 1.0" deferred items
        -- need to rank by priority and difficulty) solid things for
        1.1; medium effort design work candidates for 1.2; big items
        for 2.0 in minutes (3/8/05).

    014 (3/29/05) Need list of possible "triage" criteria for
        deciding how to prioritize new requirements.  Don read
        a list of possible criteria at the 3/29/05 meeting.  To be
        discussed and resolved at the next meeting.

    015 (4/26/05) Module registry and module standardization

    016 (placeholder for next)


Seraphim Larsen                       CIG Operations / TPPE
Senior Technical Writer                   Intel Corporation
(480) 552-6504                                 Chandler, AZ

The content of this message is my personal opinion only. 
Although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make 
here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor 
am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter.

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