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Subject: A richer indexterm

Do DITA adopters see a need for richer indexterm content? It only allows plain text at the moment. But typical book indexes are littered with "see XXX" and "see also XYZ" entries that should be treated specially. I pulled up an IBM manual online ("IBM WebSphere V4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook", by IBM, March 13, 2002) on Safari, and its index page has plenty of HTML-ized index entries, such as:

Packaging [See Application packaging]
Password encoding 2nd
Performance 2nd [See also Workload management]
PKI [See Public-key infrastructure]
Plug-in [See Web server plug-in]
plugin-cfg.xml 2nd
     Default location
POP3 [See Post Office Protocol]
Post Office Protocol
Problem determination [See Troubleshooting]
Public-key infrastructure
How do real-world adopters do this? Thanks.


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