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dita message

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*** Please see Action Items and Decision Summary at the end *** 

DITA Technical Committee website:  
    - Public:
    - Members only: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/

These minutes are also available at

** Minutes ** 
    Today's Goal:  Complete assignments list 

    8:00-8:05  Roll Call
                - 14 of 24 voting members => QUORUM
                - See website for attendance details
                - There were at least two Observers whose attendance
                  was not recorded because I couldn't get their
                  names.  If you were one of them, please email
    8:05-8:10  Review/approve minutes from 14 June
                - Chris Wong says he did *not* say the following.
                  Not sure who did say it.  (Under "Proposal for
                  next 2 weeks") -- 
                    - Chris Wong -- Perhaps some items can be
                      developed outside the TC, and when they're
                      more developed we can roll them into the spec.
                - Minutes approved by acclamation.
    8:05-8:50  Assignments
                - We went through the list of 1.1 requirements and
                  took volunteers for each item.
                    - Note:  Only *members* can take on assignments.
                      If observers or others want to contribute,
                      they need to become a member (as per Mary
                      McRae's email).
                    - Clarification from Michael Priestley -- 
                        - They do not have to be *voting* members
                        - There are "members" and "voting members".
                          The attendance requirements to be
                          a "voting member" are stricter than to be
                          a "member".  (There are *no* attendance
                          requirements to be a member.)
                        - See email from Mary McRae for further
                          clarification --
                    - Thus, if someone wants to volunteer for an
                      assignment, we'll put them on the list for
                      now, and try to figure out how to get them
                      into regular membership as soon as possible.
                        - According to Mary McRae, if you want to be
                          a member, you can -- just let Don, France,
                          or Seraphim know, and we can change your

                - New assignments list --
                    - We completed assignments (though some items
                      had no volunteers).  
                    - New assignments list to be located here --
                    - Seraphim has Action Item to fill in the names

                - If you volunteered for an assignment:
                    - Fill out the definition template for your
                        - Template located here:
                        - Name your completed templates like this:
                        - Post your completed templates to the
                          Drafts area of the DITA TC:
                        - The writeup *must* include a time estimate.

                - Next meeting: 
                    - For each assignment that has been written up,
                      we will take a vote to decide whether or not
                      to proceed.  
                        - If the assignment is approved, we will put
                          it into the schedule.
                        - We will also determine if the item is
                          a "must have" or a "nice to have", based
                          on the number of tallies received for that
                        - We'll build an overall schedule based on
                          this approach.  We'll use the "must
                          have"/"nice to have" to prioritize, if
    8:50-8:55  Announcements, opens
                - Please send your tallies of additional "top five"
                  requirements to the TC List by EOD 24 June 2005.


** Summary of Decisions ** 

    - No formal decisions.

** Action Required ** 
    022 Don, Michael -- Put together a "self-study" tutorial/demo,
        as per JoAnn's comments regarding the DITA sessions.  Still
        pending as of 7/20/04.

    062 Eric Sirois, 10/05/04 -- provide XSLT validation for
        specialized schemas once developed (Indi recommends Jarno to
        work with him) >>> 1/25/05 -- this will be an ongoing
        project; the 1.0 spec does not depend on this.

    079 Don Day, 2/8/05 -- Ask Mary Macrae about several issues -- 
            - How can the public submit comments on the CD?  Can we
              get a mailing list set up?  etc.
            - What are the constraints for the final format of the

    080 All, 2/8/05 -- Remove comments from the CD.

    081 All, 2/8/05 -- Will there be a .chm version of the CD files?

    082 All, 3/8/05 -- Submit comments to Michael Priestley on the
        Architecture Specification.

    085 Michael Priestley, 3/15/05 -- provide the HTML format as
        part of the spec (to be done after the submission).
    086 Who?, 3/15/05 -- Need to submit the committee draft 2 to the
        OASIS administration for approval.

    087 3/29/05 -- Ask JoAnn Hackos if she wants to continue
        in her role as co-Editor with Michael Priestley.

    090 Bruce Esrig, 4/26/05 -- Come up with examples of formal
        completeness issues -- e.g. features spplied to some
        elements but not all.

    091 JoAnn Hackos, 5/3/05 -- CMS interoperability document
        / questionnaire <<< post to TC list.  
    092 Don Day, 5/17/05 -- Contact the two parties who cast
        a No-vote against approving the 1.0 DITA specification, to
        find out why they voted that way.  <<< STILL PENDING as of
    093 All, 5/17/05 -- Review Robert Anderson's review of the DTDs

    096 All, 6/14/05 -- TC Members should go back to their
        organizations and then submit prioritizations through the
        comments form (max of 5) (***due by 6/24***)

    097 Seraphim, 6/14/05 -- For 6/21 meeting, incorporate the new
        tallies for 1.1 requirements, and generate a newly sorted
        list.  >>> 6/21/05 -- not done yet.
    098 All, 6/14/05 -- At 6/21 meeting, break down the 1.1
        requirements list into "must haves" and "nice-to-haves".
        Estimate time requirements for each "must have" --
        development time and TC discussion/decision time.  Build
        schedule based on that.  We also need to determine (for each
        item) Scope, Use Case, Technical Requirements, and
        Cost/Benefit.   CLOSED, 6/21/05.  We're taking a slightly
        different approach, detailed above.

    099 All, 6/14/05 -- By 6/20, indicate which issues you want to
        volunteer for -- post to the TC list.  CLOSED, 6/21/05.
    100 All non-members, 6/21 -- If you want to be a "Member" (with
        no attendance requirements), send an email to Don, France,
        or Seraphim, and we will change your status.  You *must* be
        a "Member" or "Voting Member" if you want to participate in
        the 1.1 changes.

    101 All assignment volunteers, 6/21 -- Complete the writeups of
        your 1.1 assignments, and submit to the Drafts area of the
        Documents section of the Members Website of the TC.  Use the
        template located here --
    102 Seraphim, 6/21 -- Fill in the volunteers' names on the
        Assignments List --
    103 (placeholder)

** Issues to be Resolved ** 
    009 "Best Practices" document -- Let's put this on the agenda
        for future discussion.

    010 Relationship between DITA and other topic-based
        architectures (such as S1000D) -- Need to incorporate this
        into the "Best Practices" document.

    012 All, 2/8/05 -- Decide how to manage incoming comments
        resulting from the Public Review of the Committee Draft.

    013 Need volunteer to find mentions of "post 1.0" deferred items
        -- need to rank by priority and difficulty) solid things for
        1.1; medium effort design work candidates for 1.2; big items
        for 2.0 in minutes (3/8/05).

    014 (3/29/05) Need list of possible "triage" criteria for
        deciding how to prioritize new requirements.  Don read
        a list of possible criteria at the 3/29/05 meeting.  To be
        discussed and resolved at the next meeting.

    015 (4/26/05) Module registry and module standardization

    016 (6/14/05) Formalize an action on Robert's DTD corrections
        - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200505/msg00021.html
        - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200505/msg00039.html

    017 (6/14/05) OASIS invitation to participate on OASIS Adoption
        Forum Program Committee

    018 (6/14/05) Certification for tool vendors who want to support
        DITA: discuss whether and how to do this (ie, for CM,
        translation, editors, tools in general) 016 
    019 (placeholder for next)


Seraphim Larsen                       CIG Operations / TPPE
Senior Technical Writer                   Intel Corporation
(480) 552-6504                                 Chandler, AZ

The content of this message is my personal opinion only. 
Although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make 
here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor 
am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter.

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