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Subject: Fw: [chairs] OASIS and Public Review of Artifact Naming Guidelines

DITA TC members--

These guidelines will impact future naming of DITA specifications and
formal materials, potentially applying to naming for files in the DITA
design pattern for DTDs and Schemas as well.  Currently, we understand the
guidelines to apply to the zipped sets, leaving the contained files to be
renamed by users as appropriate to their implementations.  Please review as
requested below.  I'll add a future agenda item to discuss how these
guidelines affect any future work with our TC's materials.  Thanks!

Don Day
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
IBM Lead DITA Architect
Email: dond@us.ibm.com
11501 Burnet Rd. MS9033E015, Austin TX 78758
Phone: +1 512-838-8550
T/L: +1 512-838-xxxx

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
 Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
   --T.S. Eliot
----- Forwarded by Don Day/Austin/IBM on 07/05/2005 06:45 AM -----
             William Cox                                                   
             t>                                                         To 
                                       OASIS Chairs                        
             07/02/2005 09:41          <chairs@lists.oasis-open.org>       
             AM                                                         cc 
                                       [chairs] OASIS and Public Review of 
                                       Artifact Naming Guidelines          

Chairs --

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board and its Quality Subcommittee have
worked this year to update and elaborate a set of informal document
naming guidelines that parts of the OASIS  community have used for
several years. Earlier drafts  have been shared with the chairs list;
this draft is now synchronized with the new IPR Policy and TC Process.

The current TC Process rules permit us to apply uniform naming rules
more broadly to OASIS TC work product,  in order to promote uniformity
and facilitate the successful use of finding tools.

The current Working Draft 15 of new proposed OASIS Artifact
Identification Requirements ("AIR") has been posted to our
[oasis-member-discuss] space, at the URIs below.  The TAB has asked that
we make it available for member review during the month of July.   Your
comments as TC leaders are especially solicited.  We also will notify
OASIS members of the opportunity to review this document in our next
weekly bulletin.

Please encourage your editors and other TC members to review this
document, as we will all be affected by the greater formalization of
artifact naming rules.

AIR working draft 15:

The TAB also has provided a short preface and list of questions:

Review comments on the AIR should be posted by 27 July 2005 to:
oasis-member-discuss@oasis-open.org  .

While registered OASIS members need not join that group to send
comments, they must join if they wish to subscribe and thus receive
copies of each response.  The publicly-readable archive of this list is
located at: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oasis-member-discuss/ ;
the above URIs can be accessed by anyone.

We appreciate your comments.


bill cox

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