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Subject: Proposal for generalized attribute addition

I propose the following:

a) We make a new attribute called "otherattrs" (like otherprops but not
just for selection/filtering)
b) We make a new issue for specializing the "otherattrs" attribute
c) We to synchronize the generalization/specialization mechanism for
"otherattrs" and "props"

In thinking about this, it seems not too difficult at a first
approximation. The main two issues are:

1. Escaping paren characters that would otherwise be confused for
end-of-attribute-value markers.

	* This can be solved by having an escaping mechanism like "two
paren characters resolve to one, three resolve to two etc. A paren
character alone represents an end-of-attribute marker"

2. Keeping track of which attribute values have ALREADY been generalized
so that we don't end up escaping the value over and over again (or
unescaping it wrongly).

	* This can be solved with an architectural attribute that lists
the attributes that are already generalized.

So, for example, I could specialize "otherattrs" with an attribute value
that represents the last-changed-date for an element.

<myel last-changed-date="2005-08-02T12:28:57(-07:00)"/>

Generalized, that might look like:

<p otherattrs="last-changed-date(2005-08-02T12:28:57((-07:00)))"

Still to think through:

 a) does this handles multiple levels of specialization well?
 b) is there a requirement to handle multiple levels of specialization?
 c) what does the processing (e.g. XSLT or CSS) look like to handle
 d) is there a more elegant solution than "generalizedprops"? Perhaps by
looking at the domains in scope after generalization?

For me, the answers to questions a-c are also not clear yet for
Michael's current proposal.

 Paul Prescod

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