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Subject: DITA and Reusable Learning Content, Part 2


"An XML-Based Information Architecture for Learning Content,
Part 2: A DITA Content Pilot. Use DITA XML to Develop Reusable
Learning Content"

John P. Hunt and Robert Bernard


The first article in this series defined a set of DITA topic
types and other extensions that provide a framework for
developing an XML content model for authoring and delivering
learning content. We identified key phases in the DITA end-to-end
process model for developing and delivering learning content,
including: (1) Identify and model learning objectives and goals
(2) Organize objectives into lessons and modules (3) Identify
existing topics and develop new topic-based content that supports
the objectives (4) Develop topic content for labs, exercises,
and assessments, as appropriate (5) Write overviews and
summaries for each objective and the overall course (6) Structure
the topics for delivery in a particular course with a map (7)
Use XSLT to process the map and topics for the particular
deliverable In this article, we describe how we applied this
DITA process model for learning to a case study course using
content from an existing course on the IBM DB2 Query Monitor.
This course was originally developed for delivery as 
instructor-led training (ILT), with content provided in the
form of instructor slides, an instructor guide (printed PDF),
and a student guide (printed PDF)... This pilot project
provides an initial reference point for using DITA XML to
support best practices in developing and delivering learning
content. We've only just begun: We need to do much deeper
work against richer and more diverse learning content to further
validate, refine, and extend the design and process framework
outlined here. Specifically, we plan to extend our explorations
along the following lines: bring more focus on specific reuse
and repurposing of educational content; convert more robust
courses into DITA; develop targeted output transforms that are
specific to learning deliverables needed for instructor-led
training; extend DITA map specializations to include course-level
and unit-level mapping; develop map processing to support delivery
to a SCORM-compliant manifest and content package; continue
refining the learning topic types, in response to specific
content requirements that arise in actual course content...


More here: http://xml.coverpages.org/dita.html

Robin Cover

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