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Subject: Re: [dita] Groups - extending conditional atts--Hedley proposal (extended-atts1.html) uploaded

Hi, Don:

I'm concerned about one aspect of the proposal: it seems to assume embedding Boolean expressions in content.

I'd submit we're better off if the markup declares the properties of the subject of the content ("this passage is about online-banking and linux") instead of issuing complex instructions for the processor ("display if (online-banking and linux) or ..."). By maintaining the Boolean combinations of properties externally, the same content can be processed with different Boolean expressions for different purposes (similar to the separation of presentation and content). Also, the declarative properties can be processed for other purposes (search, etc).

Michael had some relevant comments in a separate thread:


Of course, specializers need the ability to extend the set of declarative properties (while retaining interoperability), but that's a different issue.

Hoping that's useful,

Erik Hennum

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          Don Day/Austin/IBM@IBMUS

          08/12/2005 05:08 AM





[dita] Groups - extending conditional atts--Hedley proposal (extended-atts1.html) uploaded

For your convenience I'm posting the content of a comment by Hedley Finger
as an HTML document, which conveys some information via color and font
styling.  This comment pertains specifically to current work on extension
for conditional attributes.

-- Don Day

The document named extending conditional atts--Hedley proposal
(extended-atts1.html) has been submitted by Don Day to the OASIS Darwin
Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC document repository.

Document Description:
Comment from: hedley.finger@myob.com

Name: Hedley Finger
Title: Tech. Comms Tools & Processes Specialist
Organization: MYOB Australia Pty Ltd, and associated companies worldwide
Regarding Specification: %select-atts;

[[This is the text of an email sent to Su-Laine Yeo, a user-interface
designer for XMetaL at Blast Radius.  You might find it worthy to bring to
the attention of the committee.  I have been banging on about the need to
somehow specialise or extend the %select-atts; to cater for those who need
more conditional attributes for some time.  I believe the committee is
working on this and may have a solution different to this proposal.
However, this proposal at least states the problem succinctly.]]

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Download Document:  

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-OASIS Open Administration

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