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Subject: DITA Issue Proposal: Styling Options for Conditional Text

We propose that the DITAVAL file be standardized for interchange among applications.


The DITAVAL file currently provides 16 colors for styling conditional elements. We propose that the styling options be extended for scalability, to support multiple output devices, and to incorporate current knowledge of human factors.


Feedback from our customers indicates that it is important to be able to signal conditions without relying on color. Non-color formatting is important in monochrome printouts and for color-blind users.


We propose allowing users to assign the following formats to conditions: underline, double underline, italics, overline, and bold.


We propose allowing users to set background colors for conditional text. For the vast majority of users who work in black text on a white background, light highlight colors provide good contrast for legibility.


 Paul Prescod and Su-Laine Yeo

 Blast Radius XMetaL


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