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Subject: RE: [dita] Proposed Issue: Recognizing DITA Documents

Eliot Kimber spakest thus:
> The only other mechanism that seems likely would be some sort 
> of PI-based declaration, but the W3C has a firm statement 
> against the use of PIs in XML documents and I think we 
> should respect that.

Could you provide a pointer to this statement? 

> I don't think this is a compelling objection--it's easy 
> enough to examine an entire document for the namespace 
> declarations within it. It may be tedious but it's not 
> hard. If anybody needs Java code to do this, I can 
> provide it :-)

Why not just put it on the root element always?

> > 3.	The value seems to reflect the Open Toolkit 
> > version rather than the DITA Specification version.

> If true, that needs to be fixed.

No, I was looking at the wrong version of the DTDs.

If this feature was designed specifically to enable recognition of DITA
documents by other processes then there is probably no reason to add
another one. I'm still not clear on the canonical form of a DITA
document. Is this a DITA document?

<mytopic class="- topic/topic mytopic/mytopic " 
	xmlns:ditaarch=" http://dita.oasis-open.org/architecture/2005/";

 Paul Prescod

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