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Subject: RE: [dita] Proposed Issue: Recognizing DITA Documents

Hi, Paul:


> Why not just put it on the root element always?

The outermost element of DITA content is always a map or topic. In other words, the root element for DITA content does have the architecture attribute.

The sole exception is the <dita> element, which has an odd role because it has no semantics and merely contains a list of topics. Because the <dita> element cannot be specialized, it's name cannot be changed. If someone wanted to make the case that, for convenience and consistency, the <dita> element should also take the architecture attribute, I could buy that.

On that basis, we can be confident that the following document contains a specialized DITA topics (mytopic) nested within some non-DITA content. The <mydita> element cannot be a DITA specialization.

> Is this a DITA document?
> <mydita>
> <foo>
> <bar>
> <baz>
> <mytopic class="- topic/topic mytopic/mytopic "
> xmlns:ditaarch="
> ditaarch:DITAArchVersion="1.0">
> ...
> </mytopic>
> </baz>
> </bar>
> </foo>
> </mydita>

Hoping that's useful,

Erik Hennum

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