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Subject: Re: [dita] Catalogs: embedding version numbers

Chris Wong wrote:

> We might want to embed the version number in the filename too, like
> concept11.dtd. This should bring us in line with other models like
> SVG.

Note that there's no functional difference in XML between an public ID 
and a system ID (ignoring that there is a slight difference in how they 
are processed in the context of OASIS catalogs, but that doesn't really 
change the fact): they are both pointers to a physical resource, as 
opposed to a namespace URI, which is a pointer to an abstract thing (the 

Thus if people insist on using public IDs then I concur that they should 
contain version distinguishers, as should the filenames they map to 
(since one is just a synonym for the other, they should have parallel 
version distinguishing artifacts).

What there should *NOT* be is version identifiers in DITA-defined 
namespaces. That is, there may be many versions or variants of a schema 
for a single namespace. The namespace reflects the *application*, as a 
thing with a lifecycle represented by many versions of many physical 



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Austin, TX 78759
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