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Subject: Groups - New Action Item #0023 Embedding version numbers in cat...

OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC member,

Seraphim Larsen has created a new action item.

Number: #0023
Description: Embedding version numbers in cat...
Owner: Mr. Eliot Kimber
Due: 13 Sep 2005

Seraphim Larsen  2005-09-06 18:40 GMT
From TC Meeting 06 Sept 2005:
    - Catalogs: embedding version numbers
        - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200509/msg00000.html
        - There was extensive discussion, not all of it captured
          here.  If there are any significant omissions, please post
          to the TC List. 
        - Chris Wong -- The proposal as it stands seems OK; the
          peripheral issues can be resolved separately.
        - Don -- Looks like we need to identify "best practice" for
          current version of the spec, and for 1.1., maybe we should
          update the spec with a best practice on the use of XML
          schema with the catalog.
        - Don -- Doesn't seem to be disagreement here -- just looks
          like we need to distill this down into a design principle
          that we can include in 1.1.
        - Eliot -- Sounds appropriate
        - Don -- Any volunteers to write up the issues and the
          analysis of what we discussed here?  
        - Eliot -- Will take that Action Item, and will send to Paul
          to review and also post to the list.  *ACTION*

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2005-09-06      TC Meeting Minutes 06 September 2005.txtReference Document

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