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Subject: Re: [dita] Groups - DITA 1.1 #9 (2): element for properties and embeddeddata (Issue9.html) modified

Hi, Esteemed DITA Commmittee Members:

Regarding the <data> element proposal

and the exchange below

Apart from that discussion, I'd like to check whether anyone has concerns about

On the last point, I'd submit that allowing the <data> element in <topicref> contexts dispatches Issue 36 as well (a two-fer):

Given that no other comments have come in for some time (even allowing for vacations), can we treat this note as a last call for comments before wrapping up and (absent unresolved concerns) proceeding to a vote next week?


Erik Hennum

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          09/06/2005 11:24 AM





[dita] Groups - DITA 1.1 #9 (2): element for properties and embedded data (Issue9.html) modified

This proposal was approved at the 8/30/05 meeting:

- #9 Add a element for representing machine-processable
values within DITA topics and maps

Erik -- This should be designed more fully before the
committee can vote on it.

- is the committee willing to approve completing the design?

- what holes does the committee see in the design?

Erik requests feedback to email list.

Bruce Esrig -- Any relationships with other issues? e.g.
Need to record structured info for other purposes?

Don -- Does this effect design, or just that context of data
element meets those requirements.

Bruce -- e.g. conditionalizatoin attrs. Then possible to
design special structures used for conditionalization. Do we
want to design the data structure to do conditionalization?

Paul Prescod -- How would a user use the intersection of those two

Bruce -- Put value in conditional parameter. Assumed to be a
global unique value. If the person wants to draw those names
from a (product hierarchy), they may need to come up with
some structures. Those structures may be similar to those in
the data element.

PP -- Might this be system-wide metadata?

Bruce -- Problem comes if lower-level names are not unique.
e.g. switch and 17 product names have switch.

Erik -- Existing prodinfo element is example of that.

Bruce -- This may not specifically apply under the data
proposal. Perhaps it should proceed around the profiling

Don -- Does this inform on the design of the data element,
or is it a best proactice?

Bruce -- Could inform design if requires nesting (?)

Don -- In general, I think we want to keep the feature of
cond processing separate from the design points of the
elements in dita. Bruce, please correspond w/ Erik re: use
cases on email list (plus any other feedback on design). A
complex, real-world example would be nice to have in the

PP -- Bruce -- can you send email to list highlighting these

Approved for 1.1

-- Seraphim Larsen

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