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Subject: XML.org DITA Focus Area

OASIS DITA TC members:

The Consortium is in the process of redesigning and expanding XML.org to include Focus Areas for specific OASIS Standards. As
interest in DITA is very high and members of the TC very active, we're excited to announce that the first XML.org Standard Focus
Area will be dedicated to educating the marketplace on DITA. 

The XML.org DITA Focus Area will serve as the non-commercial, comprehensive informational resource for those using or considering
the use of DITA. Links to relevant content on member and non-member sites will be provided as much as possible (authors need not
re-publish or relinquish copyrights on company materials). When appropriate, new content will be published on XML.org, and a
collaborative workspace and discussion area for the community will also be offered.

A preliminary list of the types of content to be provided includes:

* Implementations listings, links to product info

* Links to press releases and articles on DITA 

* Case studies

* Links to white papers and books

* Events calendar

* Wiki for collaborative projects, such as Best Practice Guidelines

* Local DITA User Groups and Special Interest Group support

* Other (all suggestions welcome)

Content for the site will be created and maintained by the XML.org DITA Focus Area Editorial Board, made up of interested TC
members. The community at-large will also be invited to submit information.

Sponsorship of the XML.org DITA Focus Area will be available to OASIS members for 5,000 USD/year. A portion of these funds will be
allocated for projects to promote DITA adoption, as recommended by the TC. Sponsors will receive their linked logos on all pages of
the DITA Focus Area. Sponsorship is offered as a way to increase visibility for your participation in DITA and to support DITA
promotional activities; however, sponsorship is not required for content submission or inclusion. It is our hope that all OASIS DITA
TC members will participate in and benefit from this XML.org Focus Area.

For more information, please join us for an update and planning session on Thursday, 29 Sept, at 3:30 pm ET. Email
carol.geyer@oasis-open.org for dial-in information or with regrets.

Note: Please regard this as TC confidential for now; we'll issue a press release and public call for content at the appropriate


Mary McRae
Carol Geyer


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