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Subject: Fw: DITA Europe Conference (from JoAnn Hackos)

Conference: DITA EuropeTM Conference
Conference Dates: Thursday November 2-3, 2005
Location: NH Rhein-Main Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany (in the vicinity of the
Frankfurt Airport)
For more information visit the conference web site at

Don Day
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
IBM Lead DITA Architect
Email: dond@us.ibm.com
11501 Burnet Rd. MS9033E015, Austin TX 78758
Phone: +1 512-838-8550
T/L: 678-8550

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
 Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
   --T.S. Eliot

 (See attached file: DITA Europe 2nd ad.html)
Title: DITA Europe conference - Welcome
DITA Europe - Four Letters You Have to Know
Presented by the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) and Trisoft

Thursday 3 November
NH Rhein-Main Hotel, in the vicinity of the Frankfurt Airport


Why should you care about moving to DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)?

Dave Schell, Senior Manager at IBM and key sponsor of the DITA initiative, delivers the opening address at the DITA Europe conference. He asks us to consider several important questions:

"In a world of very tight and dwindling resources, why would anyone want to make the effort to move to a new data format for their technical documentation?"

"What advantages can a corporation, a small technical development team, or even one person working alone as a technical communicator gain from going to DITA? As a point of comparison, what advantages has IBM achieved with DITA?"

DITA, using a topic-based architecture at its core, promises to change the global face of information development. As a new international standard, supported by OASIS DITA Technical Committee, DITA is rapidly gaining worldwide acceptance among communication professionals.

Join Dr. JoAnn Hackos, CIDM, and Trisoft at our first DITA EuropeTMconference.

Who should attend?

This conference is designed for those who are interested in implementing XML DITA or learning more about this new standard for topic-based authoring.

Speakers include

  • Dave Schell, IBM, Why Should You Care About DITA? Answering User Needs with Mass Customization
  • Indi Liepa, Nokia Technology Platforms, Implementing a Common XML Architecture with DITA
  • Chris Kravogel, SeicoDyne GmbH, Specializing DITA for your Information Needs
  • Sissi Closs, COMET Computer GmbH, Successful DITA Implementation with FrameMaker
  • Ronald Walraven, SDL International, DITA to Support your Global Information Management Requirements
  • JoAnn Hackos, CIDM and Comtech Services, Inc., Implementing DITA in your Organization
  • Miel de Schepper, Trisoft, Components of a Professional DITA/CMS Implementation
  • Helen O'Shea, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, Implementing DITA in Writing Organizations at IBM

And don't miss the live project demonstration "Using DITA from Authoring through Publishing," given by Comtech Services, Inc. and Trisoft.

Sponsored By:

Antenna House, Inc.       Arbortext       Blast RadiusXMetal

Comet       InfoFuture       Oasis       SDL International

To register online and for more information please visit the conference web site at http://www.infomanagementcenter.com/DITAeurope/index.htm.

Contact Koen Lourdon at koenl@trisoft.be or [32] (0)3 238 7650 with questions.

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