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dita message

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Subject: keyref feature

We seem to have a dependency on keyref as a mechanism.
For example, the <data> element might take advantage of it.

A more comprehensive writeup on keyref would be useful.

Is it correct to believe: keyref addressing consists of a URI that may point to a resource in a non-DITA markup language.

Follow-up: Is an attribute or other mechanism needed to specify what language the target is in, or is it assumed that the target will contain its own declaration?

(This seems to be a conflicting belief) Is it correct to believe: Keyref addressing consists of identifiers that are associative rather than containing an analytic specification of the target. Each keyref target that expects to be reached via the keyref mechanism, when assembled in a collection, provides a keyref target identifier, and this is associated at processing time with the places that use that identifier to refer to the target.

Best wishes,


Information Architect, Information Products and Training (IP&T)
Lucent Technologies, 67 Whippany Road Room 1A-158, Whippany, NJ, 07981
+1 973 739 1235, esrig@lucent.com

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