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Subject: Content Management Strategies conference

Hello fellow TC members,

We are beginning to plan our 8th annual Content Management Strategies conference. Last year we presented an entire track dedicated to learning about DITA. This year we are continuing to have this track and would like your support. If you are interested in speaking at this conference either on DITA, management issues with content management, or technical issues with content management, we would very much appreciate you joining us.


If you are interested in sending in a bio and abstract, we will be finalizing the program at the end of this month and ask that you submit something before October 20th. If you have ideas or would like to discuss some ideas for possible presentations please don’t hesitate to call and we can create a focus for a session talk.


Following is a URL for you to submit your bio and abstract. This is not a live URL and we are asking for submissions by invitation only. If you know of someone else who would be interested in talking, please let me know and we can send them the URL directly.







Jen Linton

Comtech Services, Inc.

Senior Consultant and Web Manager

710 Kipling St. Suite 400

Denver, CO 80215

P: 303-232-7586

F: 303-232-0659


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